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Hi, I'm Andrea!

I work with spiritually awakening women who desperately want to find inner-peace and daily calm so they can truly heal themselves on all levels and help others do the same.

I share tools to overcome worry, live in the present, focus on gratitude, and heal on all levels- mind, body and spirit. I help women feel more calm, confident, and inspired to heal themselves and others!

After experiencing a stressful childhood, a chronic musculoskeletal disease called fibromyalgia, and a daily struggle to overcome the stigma and pain of mental illness in my family, I have spent spent many years studying how to heal my body and emotions and how to feel genuinely happy.

Disappointed with the results I received from traditional medicine and prescription drugs, I focused on ways to heal myself from the inside out. On this journey of self-healing, I discovered that health, happiness and inner peace can be created without relying solely on doctors and medication. Because of the transformation I have experienced by practicing Reiki and integrating the 5 principles of Reiki into my daily life, I believe that part of my purpose is to share this gift with others.

When you sign-up, your name will be added to my remote Reiki list which is enclosed in a special box with distant Reiki symbols. I send Reiki to the box each night at 9:00 pm (wherever you are in the world.)

I wish you all the best during this 21 Day Healing Retreat and beyond. May you find health, happiness, and inner peace.

With love, Andrea

" Prior to the Reiki retreat I was feeling good and hoping to feel even better. Since participating in the retreat I now feel energized and even more hopeful, like the best is yet to come. I was not expecting to feel this tired but pleasantly suprised to realize that I have been holding the space for others and it was time for me to receive. The most beneficial and helpful part was receiving distant Reiki from Andrea and her angels as I need to continually remind myself to be kind to and forgive myself. I would recommend signing up for this retreat because even we don't always know what is best for us but the Reiki always does. Those who love Reiki and angels and are looking to heal mind, body, spirit, and emotions would most benefit from this 21-day Reiki retreat." ~ Jennifer Garver, MS, Reiki Master/Teacher

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